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Data Will Soon Prove The Curve

I am going to take a victory lap here, because for this entire year I have been consistently bullish on stocks and telling you to fade the fear mongering and the hysteria and the panic. All along, I said that stocks would go to new all-time highs and beyond. So here we are. This was […]

The Cash Flow Statement Say

Cash is the lifeblood of most companies, and many a company has crumbled from a lack of it. Why is it then that the statement of cash flows is probably the least understood of the big three financial statements (“Getting Started: Fundamental Analysis” )? It’s time to get in the know about cash flow. What […]

The important of fundamental analysis on your finance

When it comes time to make investment decisions, it’s a good idea to be guided by more than just your gut instincts. If used effectively, fundamental analysis is one of the most useful ways to determine whether a company is a good investment choice. Even if you don’t have a finance background, don’t let that […]

Stock Step Tips

Your first stock-trade-can-be intimidating not to mention confusing. You’ve done your stock homework, you think you’ve found a winner, and now you’re ready to put your–new brokerage account to good use and start trading but you’re not quite sure how to “execute” it. Trade “execution” is just a fancy way of referring to a transaction. When you […]

How to be a balance sheet

The company has a superb balance sheet… The balance sheet is solid… The balance sheet remains steady…The balance sheet. When it comes to stock analysis, it’s something that’s referred to a lot. But why? Simply put, the balance sheet is one of the most important financial documents you can use to evaluate a company’s fundamentals […]