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US Invest Internationally

With the emergence of capitalism in China and explosive economic expansion in Latin America (to name just a few growing markets), if you only invest within the United States, you will limit your investment portfolio to only a small percentage of the global asset class of equities. However, international investing is for neither the faint […]

Calculate Discounted Cash Flow Is Important

Discounted cash flows are used by pros in the finance world all the time to figure out what an investment is actually worth. And while calculating discounted cash flows can be an involved process, it can also be a lucrative one as well. Here’s a look at DCF valuation and how you can use it […]

No Institutional Memory Whatsoever is Better

We are conditioned to be fearful of a 10-year bond yield this low. We are way beyond thinking, “This could be good for our country,” or “This could spur more housing,” or “This could allow more refinancing where it is possible.” At least today we recognized the value of the bond-equivalent stocks, which usually happens […]