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Go Business with Markets

Various media outlets are doing their usual job of overreporting both Friday and yesterday’s “bloodbaths” on Wall Street, as well as Monday’s “big rally.” But the truth is that none of what’s happened since Friday has been either — it’s just the market being the market. After a period of relative calm following June’s post-Brexit-vote […]

The great lesson about finance

While we saw some early morning action, it looks like I picked a decent day to spend an entire morning in the dentist’s chair. For you young traders out there always wondering why Doug Kass or I or someone else is in that chair, just wait until you get older. I’d advise you to take […]

The Power Failure of SolarCity

SolarCity (SCTY) shares have cratered 71% from their mid-December high of $58.87, and they are poised to face strong headwinds going into the remainder of the year. Driving this expected turbulence is a combination of a slowdown in the solar-installation industry in the second half of the year and declining odds that its bailout merger […]

Yellen Speaks Friday To Inspire You

The biggest event of the week for bond traders is likely to be Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s speech at the Jackson Hole Conference. Technically called the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium, the conference is the preeminent monetary policy conference in the world and has often been used by sitting Fed chiefs […]

Earn More About Stocks Trading

Put down the 10-K filings and the stock screeners. It’s time to take a break from the traditional methods of generating investment ideas. Instead, let the crowd do it for you. From hedge funds to individual investors, scores of market participants are turning to social media to figure out which stocks are worth watching. It’s […]