Wot matchmaking gun

Way to many stupids playing now. Shatter12 3 Posted 25 October - Later, the overall design changed, making the roof welded. Prioritize heavy tanks whenever possible, as the Churchill GC is one of the two tier 6 TDs that has a good chance of penetrating them frontally the other being the ARL V39 with its 90 mm gun. Because it only has a Tier 6 gun, not suitable for taking on Tier 9 enemies even in a fast medium.

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Spotting Range is not a fixed value particular to your tank, but depends on the target you are spotting, its current position and situation.

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Does Matchmaking take into account your gun tier?

Early Research None, this is a premium tank Suggested Equipment. These guns were more powerful than 75 mm M3 guns on regular Shermans, but they weren't perfect for fighting new German tanks. No tank enjoys being flanked but the M6A2E1 is a massive target which will take full HE shell damage from very ordinary guns on the rear and sides and that is uniquely bad among heavy tanks at any level. For some reason it was the only tier tank that did. Leave A Comment Name Required.

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wot matchmaking gun
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wot matchmaking gun
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