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Move the camera slightly and This one is out of the ordinary, and uncharted territory for me. They're not going to be a threat unless you're already immobile and trapped on the floor of the deep sea say, from a cramp-inducing jellyfish stingbut if that is the case, they'll likely swarm over your motionless body and feast on your soon-to-be corpse until they're bursting at the seams. It seems a little lazy that they didn't also make him a tiny little hat to wear, but whatever. Of course, in reality, the photo just captured this guy a split second before tumbling horribly into the water at inhuman speeds. The Chinese government is spending billions trying to clean the stuff out of their rivers and lakes. Actually, that's algae that has overtaken Chaohu Lake in China.

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The sulfur isn't burning when it comes out of the ground -- the surreal blue fires erupt when miners "accidentally" ignite it with their torches.

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How 21 Women Feel About The Word 'Thick'

When the TBM breaks through at about 1: Still, don't drink that shit. Nope, that's a guy swimming to the edge of a pool on top of a skyscraper. What Darren Aronofsky sees when he closes his eyes. Well, it turns out that tradition goes back a long way. May d gud God open ur spiritual eyes to see d wrongs u do to urself.

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